Marine Welding Services

Serving Bristol County, Plymouth County, Norfolk County MA

Marine Welding Services in MA

As your specialized mobile welding service serving Massachusetts, our welder provides on-site welding at businesses, docks, garages, and more. Marine welding requires expert precision and years of well-developed skills to manage properly. We’re proud to say that our team handles every marine welding service with care, a focus on safety, and with high-quality results.

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    Marine Welding Middleboro MA

    Our team handles a full range of metalworking and welding services for boats and watercraft. We provide:

    • Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum welding
    • Hull work 
    • Pipework for water, fuel, and oil 
    • Mounting bracket repair
    • Stern extensions
    • Boat thrusters, 
    • Exhaust system welding 

    In Massachusetts, you’ll have a hard time finding another team as qualified and experienced as our certified and capable welders. Mobile Welding Services MA is a Certified Welder with the state of Massachusetts, Department of Transportation, and carries API certification.

    We Provide On-Site Marine Welding Services

    When working as a marine welder, we’re prepared for all types of environments, with a combination of traditional welding, shielded arc welding, non-shielded arc welding, and more. The intense demand for welding and repairs for marine vessels has us taking orders an all variety of issues at docks and bays across the shore. 

    On-Site marine welding means that you don’t need to worry about transportation costs. In fact, it’s the most convenient way to approach welding repairs and maintenance on your boat or vessel. Contacting Mobile Welding Services MA now could help jump-start the repair process by scheduling your consultation now. With our free quote form below, or by simply calling our office, you can get more information about possible repairs and how you can benefit from our on-site marine welding services in Massachusetts works.

    Welding for Barge Welding and Steel Hull Vessel Welding

    As part of barge welding, we use techniques that fit the demands of the job. With dual torch stitch welding, structural welding, and other techniques, we approach every job with only the best possible approach, materials, and techniques possible. ​

    Welding plays a pivotal role in maintaining the structure of barges and steel hull vessels. What we do with modern welding technology is helping to maintain the bare hull resistance with a smooth hull surface.

    Commercial Ship and Fishing Vessel Welding 

    Commercial and fishing vessels demand proper upkeep, and to do that. You need to schedule your welding repairs ahead of time. We work on commercial levels happily serving the industrial leaders of the region. ​

    Contact Mobile Welding Services MA for support with your commercial ships, fishing vessels, steel hulls, barges, or other marine vessels. Our team of certified welders provides outstanding service with a dedication to safety and quality. Call in or complete our contact form to get started on your repairs.