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Serving Middleboro, Plymouth County and Norfolk County MA

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    We are specialized in the following welding services:

    • Light & heavy equipment repair
    • Industrial equipment repair
    • Rust repair
    • Crack repair
    • Cast iron repair
    • Trailer frame repair
    • Dumpsters repair
    • Compactors repair
    • Custom Flatbeds 
    • Hitch plates / trailer hitches
    • Bumpers repair
    • Broken bolt extraction
    • Plus Scrap metal removal


    ​We know how frustrating it can be when heavy equipment breaks down and needs repairs. If you are anywhere in the Greater Boston, South Shore or South Coastal areas of Mass, our expert mobile welding service is in the business of providing reliable and dependable repair services. We’ll get your repairs done quickly and efficiently.

    The most common repairs we provide: 

    The Best Welding Jobs in Middleboro MA

    Equipped with all the tools needed for on-site mobile repairs for heavy equipment.


    Certified welder for a wide range of welding and fabrication jobs. Quick and reliable work.

    Boat and barge repairs, experienced with all types of maritime welding and repair services.

    Areas We Service:

    We are a full service welding and sheet metal fabrication company based out of Middleboro MA. Our main locations we service locally are MiddleboroughBridgewater, Lakeville, Taunton, Plymouth, Kingston, Carver, Wareham, Duxbury, Marshfield, Scituate, Bourne, Buzzards Bay and Pocasset. Additional service areas include towns in 

    Norfolk County, Plymouth County, Bristol County, and Barnstable County. 

    From South of Boston, to the South Coast, Cape Cod and everything in-between. Our service is mobile and performed on-site. Call today to inquire if we service your area for all your welding repairs.



    Do you have something that needs to be repaired but are not sure if we can handle it? Give us a call and we will discuss your options with you. Our skilled technicians have been fixing anything and everything for over 20 years so odds are we’ve seen it before. If by rare chance we haven’t, we have the knowledge and background to confidently make your repairs and get you back up and running! Locally owned and operated, certified welding contractors, serving Massachusetts from Boston, to the South Coast and Cape Cod. Always free estimates!


    • AWS Certified
    • ABS Certified
    • API 1104 Certified
    • National Grid operating welder qualified
    • MA Welding Certified, D1.5
    • DOT Green Card in SMAW, FCAW

    Commercial Welding Services

    For on-site commercial welding services in South Eastern Massachusetts call in our Welding Pros. From heavy equipment to maritime vessels, our expert welders take on specialty jobs that others can’t manage. With us you can count on friendly service, quality repairs, and a devotion to working safely.

    Are you having a tough time finding a quality welder to take on your big job? With years of experience working with different materials, techniques, and in various locations, we’re always happy and able to take on tough work. ​

    Our Mobile Welding Service

    We caters to a handful of specialty welding jobs. Primarily our work is with commercial sites, and that allows us to help other hard workers get back to their jobs and projects quickly.

    Why Use Our Service?

    • Certified welder with the state of Massachusetts
    • Certified with the Department of Transportation
    • API Certified welder
    • Outstanding customer service
    • Expert work for big jobs​

    On-Site Heavy Equipment Repair

    Trust in us for all of your heavy equipment welding needs. We use our years of experience to repair and maintain excavation equipment, such as backhoes, mini excavators, and trenchers.

    For a comprehensive list of heavy equipment we repair:

    • Excavating equipment
    • Bobcats
    • Backhoes
    • Bucket trucks
    • Hydraulic hoses
    • Trench boxes

    Trench box repairs are often critical because this is a significant element of safety on a job site. When on a construction job site, the trench box systems allow workers to dig and excavate safely. The entire system has multiple parts that can require repair and welding.

    The trench box itself is a two-sided system for excavation. That system includes the shields, the spreaders, and plates, all of which can take on damage and compromise the integrity of the trench box.

    Experienced Heavy Equipment Repair Pros

    You can rely on us to get your heavy equipment and machinery working again with minimal delay. With our outstanding work and dedication to quality, you can be sure that these repairs will last! We provide support for equipment that is too heavy or large to transport without severe disruption. Arriving on-site, we’ll approach each machine with the best technique for the job, usually with heavy equipment, we’ll use a shielded metal arc welding method for effective and safe mobile repairs. 

    In addition to general heavy equipment such as excavators we also service:

    • Dump trucks
    • Big Rigs
    • Dump trailers
    • Heavy-duty trucks

    With heavy equipment often when the equipment isn’t working, the job isn’t moving forward. Mobile Welding Services MA takes on jobs with a sense of urgency so that you can get back on schedule without losing too much productivity. 

    These pieces of machinery can change the course of some jobs. For construction companies, losing one of these machines can mean downtime and possibly missing out on future opportunities. Get your heavy equipment in top shape with repairs from us where you can get fast service, quality repairs, and always a friendly experience. Start by completing our contact form or calling us.

    Types of Welding We Provide

    Pipe Welding Services

    Typically pipe problems are a disaster. Piles that carry gas, petroleum, or even water, can wreak havoc if they aren’t repaired immediately. Mobile Welding Services MA provides on-site repairs for gas pipes, including both liquid and gas forms.

    Calling in a professional welding company is a must when you have a problem this big on your hands. We provide on-site repairs across Massachusetts and have become a well-trusted name with many businesses.

    We provide repairs and fits for stainless steel, steel, and aluminum pipework, all done to the highest standard of safety codes and craftsmanship. Pipework is a common job of ours, and within a typical week, we could work on pipes ranging from rather small at about 3-inches in diameter to pipes past 7-feet in diameter. Pipework is something that generally seems as though it would be the same, but just as with heavy equipment repair or marine welding, each job is unique.

    Marine Welding Service in MA in the South Coast Region

    Marine Welding Middleboro MA

    Marine welding can be a pain for the vessel owners because of transportation. We don’t let our clients worry about transportation because we come to you. Our on-site marine welding services ensure that you aren’t troubled with, or paying for, unnecessary transportation expenses.

    When it comes to marine welding, our Welders use the safety practices available, and in marine cases, it’s almost always arc welding. It allows us to work with steel materials and then accommodating aluminum parts as they turn up. What arc welding also achieves for marine welding is affordability.

    With other methods, you’d look at titanic-sized costs for removing the vessel from the water and a more expensive process. Instead, our welders go in and work with the conditions that are best for the vessel. During this arc welding, we’ll likely rely on carbon steels and other steel variants.

    We work on commercial ships, fishing vessels, steel hull vessels, and barges as well. Whenever we’re working with marine welding, safety is a top priority. Jobs with us always begin with a careful series of decisions on the best materials to use and the best techniques to approach the job.

    Aluminum Welding

    There are countless advantages to aluminum welding, and Atlantic Welding ensures that our clients get the best of our aluminum welding services in Massachusetts.

    Welding aluminum with machinery is usually for a repair and to reinforce a piece of machinery. Aluminum materials are widespread among marine vessels and marine welding. Manufacturers of commercial and non-commercial vessels are looking to boost profits, and they’re accomplishing that by using aluminum whenever they can.

    Truck bodies and panels are also typically made from aluminum and call for aluminum welding when they need repairs.

    We suggest aluminum welding services for long-term durability, low maintenance, and our high-quality welding work. Aluminum welding is standard with irrigation pipes, engine components, and much more. It’s a reliable material that requires little maintenance and is a favorite of many in construction.

    Arc Welding, Spot Welding, and Stick Welding

    Welding is the simple act of joining together metals, and some of these methods stem back to ancient times. We use a blend of modern and traditional techniques to obtain the best results possible on every job.

    Arc welding uses heat from a concentrated electric arc to join metals together. The process of arc welding has some variances in the process and result. Our staff are well-experienced and know when to use each of these different variables involved in arc welding.

    Stick welding, or shielded metal arc welding uses a flux-coated stick with a power source to create the electric arc used in welding. The result is that the arc melts the work into a pool, which then forms a joint and cools in place.

    Spot welding, best for joining sheet metal and making cost-effective repairs when you’re not so concerned about reinforcing durability or strength. During spot welding, we use an electric resistance, which eliminates the bright arc.

    All of these types of welding come with vast varieties, and of course, the results are always reliant on the skill of the welder. It makes us proud to recognize our team as a group of well-skilled and experienced welders.

    Quarry Equipment Repairs

    Quarries are among the many things that have made Massachusetts famous. This industry is integral to our communities, and we can’t have them suffer with out-of-commission equipment. We go straight to the site with mobile quarry equipment repairs and manage the equipment of all purposes and sizes.

    When it comes to quarry equipment repairs, we specialize in handling:

    • Vibrating systems and shakers
    • Drilling machine repair
    • Stripping machines
    • Conveyer belt repairs

    We understand that this equipment is critical and that when one machine goes down, the whole operation gets thrown off. Call our Welding service in South Eastern MA to get your machines up and running again quickly.

    Loading Dock Repair Services

    Barge Welding

    Among the many commercial problems that we see is loading dock damages. We provide services to repair loading dock levelers and plates. Because of the high cost that can come with these repairs, we’ll always help you determine if repair or eventual replacement is the most cost-effective option for your business.

    To get support from a local Massachusetts commercial welding service, call our mobile welding service pros. Our expert welders work with precision and safety in mind, no matter the job. In addition to high-quality work done safely, you’ll have friendly welders on-site working on your equipment. Contact Mobile Welding Services MA immediately. We’re available by phone, or through our contact form. Shortly after completing the contact form, one of our helpful staff members will contact you to further discuss the job and repairs.